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The brand name Sub-Silent Suppressors and all its products, designs and modifications on this site are Registered as Patent Pending with the NZ Government Intellectual  Property Register, and is also protected by the NZ Copyright Act 1994 - especially and exclusively Sub-Silent Suppressors with INBUILT MUZZLE BRAKE,  DECI-DAMP sound deadener, BIO-TECH  WET-FIRE suppressor design and material & MICRO-PATTERNING:- Effective from March 2008 & July 2009


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Comparing with Parker Hale rim-fire suppressor

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Latest Design & Technology


All my custom rim-fire suppressors now come with optional custom non metal Wet-Fire kit installed. These kits not only contain the kinetic energy and sound waves like standard suppressors, they literally cool and also convert this kinetic energy, heat and sound waves into vapor - thereby further reducing the sound.


Most of the skill and beauty of these custom kits - is not what you see on the outside. They are even more precise and beautiful on the inside!

The trouble is, that once I have assembled it - my customers don't get to appreciate the internal skill and quality. So - I now place photos of the internals for individual customers to appreciate.


Left photo - Wet-Fire kit.   Middle photo - internal muzzle-brake & Wet-Fire kit.    Right photo - custom venturi kits.

All photos of my wet-fire kits are camouflaged to stop them being copied





Marlin Papoose Over-barrel

My Papoose is probably my favorite rifle. Although it is a take-down rifle, I pretty much leave it assembled. If I need to, the papoose easily fits into my back-pack for privacy.

The beauty of the Papoose is its light weight and amazing accuracy.


Below is my Papoose with custom over-barrel suppressor. The silencer is as light-weight as the rifle.


The over-barrel looks magnificent and compliments the Papoose perfectly!






Slimline Sealed Unit Suppressors

19mm diameter, 175mm length, multiple internal suppression ports, custom inbuilt muzzle-brake.

Ideal for tube-fed rimfires




.17 HM Mach II.

Stats on the suppressor :- 50mm diameter. 225mm long. Internal removable suppression baffle with over 50 ports.

Note: HMR stands for Hornady MAGNUM Rimfire. This is NOT Magnum, but still called an HM2 - the 'M' in this model stands for Mach or Mark (not Magnum)

It is a Mach2 because it shoots at twice the speed of sound.  Savage call it both a MachII and a Mark2. Very confusing.


A couple of my new friends called by while I was making it - Andy and Pete.

We got talking, and the question came up 'Why on earth would I want to make such an enormous suppressor for such a little gun?'


The answer is obvious - and unanimous - 'Just because I can!!!'


Savage .17 HR Mach II. Shortened and threaded barrel. Acu-trigger. 10 shot mag. Bolt action. Remington bipods.

6-24x50 optics. Illuminated mill-dots.  50mmx225mm custom fully take-apart suppressor. 595 grams.

Lazer sight and Maglite both mounted on scope.

12mm groupings at 100meters!


Mamoth Custom Sealed Unit Suppressor

They don't come any bigger than this!

50mm diameter by 280mm long - multiple suppression ports, custom inbuilt muzzle-brake, 615 grams.



Ruger 10/22

Mike sent me his Ruger 10/22 target barrel stainless rifle - wanting a suppressor with inbuilt muzzle-brake to enhance the beauty and style of his rifle.

I think I succeeded.

The muzzle-brake is elegant and sophisticated - worthy of such a beautiful rifle.

I am constantly improving and refining my suppressors and engineering.

I think this is my most beautiful suppressor yet. It has a very unusual thread, 13/16'.



Special Request

End-Cap angled Muzzle-Brake


Tony asked me to make a special Muzzle-Brake design for his .17HMR. The trouble he was having, was that the rifle was lifting slightly upon shooting.


The solution was to make an end-cap muzzle-brake with 4 ports facing upwards at an angel of 35% - gently forcing the barrel level upon shooting.


Brilliant idea!






Rimfire Over-Barrel Suppressors


Pictured below: Over-barrel suppressors for Savage .22lr Acu-trigger with heavy barrel.



Lots of people ask me about my rifle - even if I would consider selling it!


Well - it's not for sale - yet! The reason for that - is that it's not finished yet.

Savage .22lr with Ross Thumb-hole laminated stock with vented fore-stock. Bushnell 6-24x50 illuminated mill-dot crosshairs. Lazer. Mag-lite torch. Acu-trigger set to light. Harris bipods. Camo strap. Custom over-barrel suppressor. Polished and balanced bolt. 5 chamber mag.


Work still to do:- I need to completely strip and polish the trigger mechanism.


Approximate sale price?  Maybe around 2k.










Photo to right showing custom end-cap with built in Muzzle-brake and removable internal baffle - from my Savage over-barrel suppressor.

I have shaped the suppression spacer with a tapered cone that actually reverses back on itself, forcing the gasses and noise to flow backwards down the over-barrel suppressor and into the sound deadener.






Recent Evening Bunny Shoot

Highlighting the benefit of inbuilt Muzzle-Brake


Another advantage of using one of my custom suppressors with an inbuilt muzzle-brake is that it disperses the sonic crack sideways, confusing your prey as to where the shooter is (But making the shot slightly louder for the shooter) . This was reinforced during a recent rabbit shoot.


Two rabbits were feeding together around 50 meters away.


Spreading out my bipods and laying prone, I sighted the smallest one in my Bushnell 6-24x50, with illumination turned to 1 (darkness was falling). Breaking the Acu-trigger like a piece of glass, the Stinger Hyper-velocity went zipping to its target - a direct hit in the chest of bugsy. Bunny number two - hearing the sonic crack - but not knowing where it came from due to the inbuilt muzzle-brake - turned and ran straight towards me! Unfortunately I had my bolt action Savage, and not my semi-auto - meaning I'll have to go back another day and finish the job off.


I'm the guy (Roger) on the left, holding the rabbit :-)


My shooting buddy (and daughter-in-law's dad) Graeme was shooting a tube-fed.22 with one of my Slim~Line suppressor with inbuilt muzzle-brake, and I was shooting with an Ultimate.   With both subs and hypers, the Ultimate was around 50% quieter (In saying this, many customers have said that the Slim~Line Suppressors reduce the volume of Subs to little more than the click of the bolt!).




Improvements to polished finish


I wanted to give Trent's 10/22 suppressor a real shine. Here's the result after a bit of R&D.

I think you'd admit - it looks fantastic - and will actually look great on a blued barrel, as well as matching a stainless barrel perfectly!




Ultimate Custom Suppressor - Removable Internal Baffle

You've gotta love this beauty! I made it for my own Savage .22 rifle.

Two tone black and alloy. Around 40 internal baffle ports




Mid-sized Custom Suppressor

Below - 1" diameter x 215mm custom suppressor - muzzle brake - tapered end.




I made this Volquartsen .22lr carbon-fiber barrel custom sealed unit suppressor with inbuilt muzzle brake and adapter for Chris, plus another custom 1" sealed unit suppressor/inbuilt muzzle brake for his .17hmr


Suppressor incorporates a suppression back-flow in the first suppression port. The exploding gas and noise enters the first suppression chamber and expands - being forced back into the main entry bore of the suppressor - basically cycling - cooling and dampening the noise.



Suppressors below.

1st suppressor for a .22lr Volquartsen (adapter in photo)

2nd suppressor for a .17hmr.  3rd Suppressor is for a .270 150mm x 35mm with 6 suppression ports and reverse trumpet end-cap.

All have inbuilt muzzle brakes and flow ports between chambers 1 & 2.




Here are the above silencers - fitted to the Volquartsen .22 and .17hmr





Here's what Chris had to say about the custom suppressors and universal adapter I made for him:


Thanks, Roger for two Awesome moderators. I am extremely happy with the result.

The one on my Volquartsen Superlite is such a prefect fit that you would think it is a factory item.

The one for Sako Quad in .17 HMR is just as nice.

The loudest part is the cycling of the action on the Volquartsen when shooting.

The Balance of the Rifle is almost unaffected, since it is a very light piece of Kit.


Keep it up.

Cheers Chris


Baking and Hardening the Silicon Coating

After making my suppressors from high grade alloy, I coat them with a Silicon Enamel - matt black - if requested by my customers.

They are then bake hardened for 1 hour at 250 degrees Celsius.



Custom Silencer

Weight: 400 grams. Material: High Grade Alloy. Diameter: 38mm. Length: 270mm - it's a big one! Thread: Standard 1/2 inch UNF. System: Internal baffle system/dampening. Set-up: Removable / threaded end cap. Rifles: .22 LR, .22 Magnum, .177 HMR, CO2 & Springers. dB rating: Sub-Sonic CCI 64dB. CB Longs 48dB




My rifles are more than just sports equipment. They are works of art - deserving of equally high quality accessories and silencers. My goal is to make suppressors that enhance the value and enjoyment of both your rifle - and your shooting experience.


Combining over 35 years hunting and trapping experience - with 18 years as a professional toolmaker / mechanical engineer - enables me to design and produce top-quality and custom rim-fire/CO2 suppressors and silencers for shooters who demand quality and distinction.

Cutting out the middle man, I only sell what I produce - resulting in the best value for money on the market today.




Every silencer is individually crafted.


Note: Suppressors are most effective with sub-sonic ammunition - below 1050 fps. Ammunition over the speed of sound produce a sonic crack - that is impossible to suppress. Basically - the larger the size of the suppressor chamber, the greater the suppression - and lower noise of the gas explosion only. For this reason suppressors are most effective on sub-sonic ammunition.


They work superbly on CO2 rifles! I will custom make a smaller version especially for CO2 rifles.


Making friends is more important to me than making money



Custom Adaptor and Suppressor


Volquartsen .22lr carbon-fibre barrel


Scott (really nice family guy) contacted me, asking if I could make an adapter and suppressor for his Volquartsen .22lr with carbon-fibre barrel wrap.


My main instructions were to ensure the barrel or muzzle brake were not touched or modified in any way.


The process is below, stage one was removing the muzzle brake and creating the adaptor, easily enabling the muzzle break to be replaced when not suppressed.


Volquartsen Universal Suppressor Adapter

I am really happy with the adaptor - tight fit, clean lines and really enhances the look of the rifle.



Stage two: Designing and making the custom suppressor:

My instructions are - make it look really nice to enhance the style of the rifle. As it will be used for subsonic and hyper-velocity ammunition - it needs to be able to contain the volume of gasses and sound that is expelled with super-sonic bullets. It must withstand a pressure of around 2500psi.

My initial thoughts: Around 200mm length by 35mm diameter. 5 suppression chambers - the first (closest to the end of the barrel) being the largest, with decreasing volume towards the front of the suppressor. I will experiment with drilling 1.5mm flow ports through the wall of the first suppression spacer - allowing any overflow of gas/noise into the next chamber - while also having a forward/reverse dampening effect. I think - due to the aesthetic nature of this suppressor - that a sealed unit would be best - eliminating any look of lines/joins on the suppressor - resulting in a clean fresh appeal.









Scott with his finished Volquartsen Custom Adapter and Suppressor


"EXTREMELY happy! Especially when my high expectation are not only met, but exceeded."


With subsonic bullets - the closing of the bolt action was louder than the firing of the bullet!

Hyper velocity were suppressed to the volume of non-suppressed subs!  Awesome.

Weight - approx. 150grams (lightweight)


Scott is happy for you to contact him to confirm these results.



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